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Multi-byte char editing in code editor.


sqlnavigator 6.1 beta:

In Data grid (not code editor), multi-byte char editing is OK.
However, in the code editor, the IME is disabled, and i cannot edit the query in Multi-byte char (Korean).

Any solution?


Hi ophil,

In SQL Navigator (6.1 ), you can only edit/view data in multibytes, but SQL Navigator does not support multibyte in the text editor for sql like object names or column names yet. We are currentlly planning to add this support in a future release.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks for your reply,

Then the solution for multibyte code-editing is to use the old Code Editor in sqlnavigator v5.5 or earlier?


Hi ophil,

In fact, 6.0 is the first version of SQL Navigator that has support for multi-byte characters (multiple languages) in the data grid. 5.5 had only limited support for multi-byte data (one national language at a time) and didn’t have support for editing multi-byte text at all. Unfortunately, none of the existing versions of SQL Navigator supports multi-byte characters in SQL statements, because of limitations of the third-party database access component we use. We plan to provide such support in a future version (after 6.1).



PS. In the meantime, you could try to enable support for Korean language in your Regional Settings (Advanced tab). I did this for Russian language, and was able to create a table with Russian name. Be sure to select a font for the editor that contains Korean characters.