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Multi-Schema Compare

I finally remembered the big item in this release, and did a multi-schema compare today. I like it! It simplifies and speeds up the process dramatically.

The only issue I had, and it is a minor one, is that my filters anbd settings from my single-connection compares did not apply to my multi-connection compares. I had to recreate them. Again, this is minor. It just took me a few seconds to realize what had happened, and to recreate them.

Overall, it is a nice addition to TOAD.

Thank you for the kind words. Please check upcoming 229 build - we’ve made some UI improvements in this area. Will apreciate for any feedback from your side!

Hi Jonathan,

we have just posted 229 beta - feel free to grab it and you will find even more in schema compare so we are looking forward for your feedback.

Wow. That’s a pretty intense rewrite. The very first time I used it, I found it a little bit confusing about how to set the source, but once I saw that I could just click a button to make anything I selected as the source, I was happy.

When I clicked on “Generate Script,” the green progress bar quickly went to 100%, and then stayed there for 20+ seconds. Meanwhile, the “Background Processes” bar was flicking up on several different processes. There is a disconnect between what is really occuring, and what the script generation progress bar is showing.

Finally, there is a button that has a ToolTip of “Track focused object from panel Properties.” I toggled that on and off, but I could not see any changes anywhere. What is that button supposed to do?

I’m not sure I understand the checkboxes next to the DB’s in the DB selection portion of the wizard. Is that so I can save the schema compare, and just toggle on and off the DB’s I want? If so, maybe it will finally make saving the compares worthwhile.

What were your thoughts behind including those checkboxes?

Thank you!