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Multiple errors from bad SQL code in editor

Version 3.7 and Beta 3.8 are giving me a string of 4 error messages when I have certain bad SQL code in the editor window that I try to run with F9. In version 3.6 I got a single error message which was much simpler. For example if I try to run the following code:

SELECT submitter_name
FROM dual;

This column does not exist in the DUAL table so I would get the following 1 error in version 3.6. Clicking on OK would close the error and allow me to correct the coding issue in the editor window.

BETA bad PSD code smaller error in 3.6.1.png

Below are the 4 errors I get in 3.8 (and also in 3.7), one right after the other as I click on OK for each one:

The single error message in 3.6 was simpler and more user-friendly.

If I find other examples that give these multiple errors (other than selecting non-existent columns) do you want me to post those as well?

To bigdavy:

Thank you for posting in Toad World!

I regret I have been unable to reproduce your issue. When I push F9 on a similar statement in our installation, it pops up the cleaner looking Database Error pop up.

To ensure I emulated my environment to yours’ as close as possible, I would like to ask how you’re connecting to your oracle server. Is it through ODBC, Direct Connect, or a Full or Instant Client? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit? Or perhaps another method?

We look forward to your response,

Software Developer I,
-Joshua Liong

Connecting with 32-bit Oracle client. Looks like it is Instant Client because I have no ORACLE_HOME environment variable set up – not sure if there’s a better way to check?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Somehow we missed this in our testing. We all seem to have Teradata clients installed so did not encounter the error. I entered QAT-5912 for this issue and it will be fixed in the next Beta.

I have confirmed this is fixed. Check the beta to be released on June 29th. TDP

FYI, it is also fixed in the latest 3.7 release (