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Multiple highlighted tabs when using window groups


If you have two or more window groups open, at least one tab in each group will be highlighted as “active”. This gets really confusing when closing tabs (“wait, which one was I on?”). One has to actually read the name the tab in the close dialog box carefully, which sounds like a small thing but gets old fast. Also can’t tell you how many times I’ve mistakenly said “No” to saving a tab only to find out it was a different, much more important, tab that I didn’t want to close and should have saved!

  • KJ


Hi aoeusnth,

to what groups are you referring to? May I kindly ask you to post the image to upport your post? Thx




Sorry for the wide screenshot! Hope you can read it … I achieved this by clicking on Menu -> Window -> New Vertical Tab Group. You will observe that there is one highlighted (lighter blue) tab in each window group. This is confusing as there is fundamentally only one active tab at any one time: in this case, the second from the left entitled “Editor Untitled9”.

Best, KJ



Thanks for your detailed report.

I’ve created CR#110728 to address this issue.

Kind regards, Julia