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Multiple Inputs and Outcomes

I am testing a function that return a single value and takes 5 as input. For the test values and results I have generated a view where each record consists of the 5 inputs and the correct output value. In setting up the Inputs I select from the view to retrieve multiple values for each input parameter and sort each the same way. I do the same for the outcomes. In the Test Case Properties window I chose “Correlation of values between groups” and then I preview that correlation. All the inputs are matched correctly and appear with their correct outcome and there are 23 records. Now when I run the test the very first record in the group passes and then the rest fail. Upon reviewing the results I notice that the Inputs are all the same record, the first one. The outcomes are the results for each of the 23 records so it appears that the tester is comparing the first set of inputs to each of the 23 outcomes and not comparing each record I saw in the correlation preview to the matching outcome. I am working with a trial version

I am a code tester rookie and could very well be doing something wrong but not sure that that could be.