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Multiple packages formatter



in I found out a article explaining the new formatter in TOAD and the possibility to format several files at the same time.

Trying to emulating that with SQL nav I found out:

  • if i drag some packages to project manager sometimes I got the format files option “ON” (in the right-button context menu) and other times “OFF”
  • if it was ON and i press it it woud give an error saying something like “files not found”
  • if I add real files to the project manager then the option is “on” and it works.

So I think I have here a bug when I got the option on with some packages selected and a lack of feature that would be to be able to format multiple packages with one click.

Am I wrong, and i miss something?



Hi Filipe,

It sounds like a bug to me. That option is only for ‘Format file(s)’ so it should not be enabled when you right click on a package. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it. when it happens to you, could you please take a snapshot?



I was not able to reproduce it again, this time …but I will keep trying.

Could the option to format multiple packages be a CR for a version 7 :-)?


Hi Filipe,

Sorry for the late reply. I have added a request for ‘format mutiple packages’.