Multiple Queries results in one page/grid

My users would like to migrate from Embarcadero RapidSQL to Toad for Sybase.

In Toad For Sybase they would like to get the results of multiple queries in one page/grid, not in multiple set tabs.

For example, when running 2 SELECTs statements, we would see the 2 outputs on the same page.

How can we do that?


Hello VinceR,

We do not currently have the ability to do this from within the grid control. It seems a little odd to me to have multiple results in a single grid like that as you can no longer compare or do exports from it. If you have a minute could you please let me know the advantage or convenience that this provides? I would like to better understand the use case and see if we can possibly add it in as well.


Hi Michael,

I asked my users what are the advantages.

When they are looking at patients information spread over different tables, it is very useful to print the results of the different tables on the same page (like a spreadsheet) to correlate information between the tables.

In that process of viewing, we don’t want to compare or export data but correlate information between tables.

Let me know if you want me to explain further.

Thank you!!


Michael, any comments? Does it make sense to you?

Hello VinceR,

Yes, this does make sense and I created TSY-494 so we can investigate and talk about the feature. I assume when you do this sort of visual inspection it would be better if the results were sent to a new window or tab so there is more space to view the information. Do you think that would be better or should this grid stay at the bottom with the other result tabs?


For me having the results stay at the bottom would be fine. I too have come from DBArtisan and got very used to having the results from all batches in the same query window stay in that same query window. Especially if I’m trying to compile a list of results running sp_spaceused on a bit long list of tables. Would be so much easier to export the results to a spreadsheet.

Hello Michael,

Regarding my users coming from RapidSQL, as you said, this sort of visual inspection would be better if the results were sent to a new tab or windows. We will have a lot of space to correlate the different query results. Thank you!


I was using SQL server with the mentioned functionality. It was so useful when pulling the details of a person. I could see all the information in any table without join. Join gives you a huge data grid horizontally when you need more data elements.

So, if we have ability to run queries in different tables to get the data in grids panned vertically, that will be usefull.

I too vote for this feature. Its very helpful for the reasons already mentioned above.

I also think this would be a great option… we often are dealing with selecting from multiple tables and want to visually compare two sets. This happens often when we are debugging data issues.

We actually have a few developers who refuse to move to Toad for this exact and only reason.

is there any way to check on the status of “TSY-494”?

Hello Michael,

ljr has a good question. How can we check the status of “TSY-494”?


Hello VinceR,

We started work on this issue but it has not been completed yet. I will raise the priority and get this into the beta as soon as possible.


Most excellent! I still would love to have this feature!

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this has been implemented and will be most certainly in the new Beta and our Toad for SAP Solutions 3.0 release.
You can write your queries (1), execute, choose whether you want all queries in one result tab or choose only some of them (2) and see the results in the Results Tab (3).
For now, it is looking like this:

What do you think about it so far?

Thanks for your feedback!

That looks very good! When is the expected date of release?

The current General Availability date is August 6, 2015.

What about Toad for SQL Server. Will it be available there?

Hi brithomas,

yes, it should be in the next release of Toad for SQL Server - but to be sure, please, ask this question in the Toad for SQL Server forum a while later.

Toad for SQL Server only had release several days ago, this feature was not in it and the next release is going to be in matter of months or more.

Best regards,

Thanks guys (and gals)!. This has been an enhancement I’ve been wanting for a while. I do still want to add that the current way you do it with 1 window with the “index tabs” is still FAR FAR superior to how RazorSQL does it with 1 tab per result. sp_who results in like 20 frick’n tabs!


i have similar question about Toad for Oracle - if it will be also available there …

Thank You,