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Multiple SQLNavigator instances conflict with each other



this problem is around for a while already, started with 5.5.4 (didn’t notice with 5.5.3) and now is ongoing in 6.0.

I’m used to having several SQLNavigator instanced open together - sometimes more, but usually two. (5.5.4 + 5.5.4 or 5.5.4 + 6.0)
Switching between them (using mouse click on taskbar) works fine for a while.
Stadium 1
Then from some point, when switching from one SQLNav instance (1) to another (2), the (2) is bringed to front and focused, but immediately (1) is bringed back to front (not focused). As focus stays in (2), i’ve left nothing much to do - reclick on (2) minimizes (2) as in XP taskbar (2) is active. Click on anywhere else doesn’t bring me (2). It usually takes several hours of work and tens of switches back and forth before it happens, but when it happens, it happens every time on then. So i can only switch from one SQLNav to another using a third app (Notepad etc) - clicking on (3) brings me (1) again, but now i can click (2) and get (2).
Stadium 2
And after switching a while (and doing work here and there, not just fooling around), on Windows taskbar there are no more 2 SQLNav tabs, but 3. One tab has multiplied, both tabs activate one SQLNav. when closing the sqlnav with two tabs, both tabs from XP taskbar disappear.

Normal -> stadium 1 - on some days it doesn’t happen at all. Sometimes takes half an hour for this to start happening
Stadium1 -> stadium2 - about 2 hours after reaching stadium 1.
Maybe there is some specific action to trigger this behaviour, but i haven’t noticed on yet.

Windows XP Proffesional SP2
Has anyone had similar experience?


Hi Andres,

We’re aware of these issues but haven’t been able to identify the causes. I’m afraid these one will have to wait till 6.1.