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Multiple sys_refcursors as output causes errors


I noticed when I have more than one sys_refcursor as an output parameter I receive an error ORA-06504: PL/SQL: Return types of Result Set variables or query do not match. I attemted to assure the number of rows returned was >= 0 (# >= and 0). Is this a known bug? If not, what other suggestions do you have to verify this stored procedure?

Thank you for your assistance.


Bill, I need a bit more information from you. Could you send to me a support bundle that includes your program and test definition? Or a very simple example that I can easily produce, for example with a program like this:

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE passcvs (a OUT sys_refcursor, b OUT sys_refcursor)

Thanks, SF


Thank you again for the quick response. I am unable to send a support bundle. I tried to reproduce with a simple test, and it did not reproduce. I will mark as closed now, and re-open if it re-produces after we upgrade to a newer version.

Thank you again.