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my first notes relating to beta844 (editor):


Hello down under !

At first thank you for the new build.

Here my first notes relating to beta844 (editor):

1.Inthe editor I miss the right mouse click button menu “Don’t public in the spec” / “public in the spec”
Isthis no longer available or did I just found it ?

2.In the outline sub window of the editor the right mouse click button menu (andthe appropriated tool tip) that appearswhen I click an element makes no sense for me, since when I click the elementthe cursor jumps immediately to code position without any further action frommy site.

3.In the Symbol sub window of the editor the cursor should jump to theappropriate unit when a double click has been done. To accomplish that action(means jumping to the unit) I have toclick any element of/under the unit.

Thisshould happen when I double click the unit itself.

Inthis context the unit icon and the “Dcl…” seem to represent thesame level of information, except that the “Dcl…” Shows the line number (What is absolutely ok)

4.Seems that I’m completely unable to recognize the meaning of the Dependenciessub window. When I have a package open in the editor that is used in (calledby) many other packages I thought that these dependencies should be shown to mehere. But there is nothing, the windows remains empty.

Can you explain that please?




Hi Andre,

All the issues you mentioned have been already addressed. Please wait for the next build.



Hi Roman,

already at St. Nicolaus or later at Christmas :slight_smile: