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MySQL Database Error: Got error 4200 '{0} Bad path syntax' from HUB

MySQL Database Error: Got error 4200 ‘{0} Bad path syntax’ from HUB

Hi i am getting the above when i try to compare two tables/Snapshots Using TOAD 3.8. Please Help.

What is the SQL you are using? Please post the SQL

i am using toad compare and i am trying to compare two tables. when i click on finish button in compare wizard i am getting this error. before that i am facing one more issue. i am trying to import data from excel file to Local storage. i am getting syatem.outofmemory exception. Please help. C Drive have 3GB Free Memory.

Error: Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.

Can you open a support ticket? You have two issues and I will need to get more details. You can access the support portal from the Help menu. After you open a ticket they will want you to produce the error and generate a support bundle This is also on the help menu