mysqld.exe using tons of RAM

I noticed that recently my RAM was being used up by mysqld.exe. I’m talking 3GB of RAM - I set the max in-memory setting to 2GB prior to this happening, and disabled the enable cache overflow setting. Not sure if this has anything to do with it. Is there any way to limit the amount of RAM this exe uses? I found this post:

It mentions adding performance_schema = off to the config file, which I tried, but I could never get mysqld.exe to actually stop running. Every time I try to kill the process it just starts right back up again.

In general MySQLd will pretty much always use as much memory as you will give it. So if you set a memory buffer max to 2GB that is how much it will use (At least, it will not throw anything away until it hits that max). On top of this there are other buffers and the code segments that do not count towards those 2GB of memory so 3GB total does not sound unreasonable.

I just figured out, that in my case, the RAM usage was being caused by Intelligence Central. I was not using this, so I removed the program and mysqld and hubproxy both stopped running. Debbie explained that these two programs are used by local storage (and intelligence central).