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Nav 7 seems to eat up a lot of cpu / memory


This might be an illusion or just because it’s beta. But nav 7 seems to eat up lots of resources. When running nav, other applications seem to come to a crawl.


Hi Henry

Sorry to hear that Nav might be slowing things down for you.

A while back we did fix some high CPU issues, but since then, I believe Nav 7.0 is working well and CPU and memory usage I have seen are same and if not better than SQL Nav 6.7

Can you look at task manager and tell me what you are seeing for the sqlnavigator.exe process?
I suspect since you have recently reported some crashing issues, that you might have some OLD sqlnavigator.exe processes hanging around.

Have a look at task manager, if you see more than 1 sqlnavigator process then please close Nav and kill the remaining processes as well, then restart nav

If you have only 1 process then can you please tell me what % your CPU is sitting at and also the Memory used by the process. ON my windows 7 I have been monitoring Working Set (Memory) and Memory (Private Working Set)