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Can anyone help give me some advice about maintaining my debugger variables watch-list between sessions:
The stored procedure I am working on has 70 Variables and I need to watch all of them.

But every time I lunch the debugger they are removed
Then I have to spend 10 mts adding them all to the watch-list again.
This happens over and over again.
Very counter-productive - my Boss is not happy with it…

Please help…



I am not an expert on debugger, but have you tried the 6.0 beta version. It seems to automatically add the avaiable variables. It may take some time to get familiar with, but may be well worth it. If this is not helpful, I will let the really smart people help. Just thought this might give you a place to start…

In the attached picture, I did not add any of these they just came up this way…


That’s right, in 6.0 debugger automatically finds all local variables (including parameters) and displays their values when you step through a procedure. Both in 5.5 and 6.0, there’s no way to save watched expressions.