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Navigation Manager Freezing


When editing in Editor, unhide the Navigation Pane, select a new table to view
the columns, and Toad freezes trying to retrieve the metadata.

This is not easy to reproduce, but seems to happen when editing in editor and
unhiding, scrolling down to a table in a large schema and clicking very fast.
Seems Toad can’t keep up with the mouse clicks.

Normally it only happens once or twice a day, but today it has been happening
alot, so I thought I would post it.

Regards, Tom.


Are talking about the Navigation Manager that contains connections, Object
palette and project manager? Or the Script navigation side bar of the editor?





Okay. I entered CR77613 for this issue. I saw it once the other day but
can’t reproduce often. If you find a different combination to consistently
reproduce, let me know.