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Navigator with a 10.0 database.


Ok, I noticed a thread for something similar to this but was from 2006 so I am going to post a new one. I am new at the 10 version of oracle, but we are having an issue and it is also in 5.5, but if we enable dba views we can not see any other schema, but if we disable dba views (Close Navigator down and restart) we can see all schemas. Now I was under the impression that navigator would only use dba views if availible to that session. We do not have dba views availabe in our 10 database. Can anyone answer this “Are all_views used when dba_views are not available?”


Kind of views you choose in your settings (preference -> settings -> enable dba dictionary views), when you choose dba_views and you don’t have privs to them than you will see nothing. In previous version of nav sometimes you could see “table does not exist” messages in that situation.