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Need Help Load Testing Microsoft SQL Server Application


I’m trying to use Benchmark Factory to load test the Microsoft SQL Server & database that we use with our application.

The computer is running Windows Vista Business and SQL Server 2000. I’ve turned on my SQL services and have the database I want to test on my local server.

I’ve started by creating a ODBC trace file by turning on tracing in Control Panel > Admin Tools > Data Sources (ODBC). Once tracing is turned on, I open our application, connect to our database, open something inside of the application, then stop the trace. (Trying to get a short trace file to start off with.) Next I open Benchmark Factory, Select the option under Microsoft SQL Server to Replay load from an ODBC trace file, select the log file, create the script, and run the job. It begins running and on the first error says:
Job Started
Started test ODBC Trace (SQL)
Agent(SERVERNAME) Error: ODBC Error (37000,AA) - [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ‘’.

It continues, then says:
Test completed with errors.
** Job finished.
Total Time to perform the job:
Start Time: 11/11/2009 3:55:51 PM
End Time : 11/11/2009 3:59:14 PM
Elapsed : 0 Days 00:03:23.387

This is about all the output I get, it seems like every line has resulted in an error and there is no test data to display.

Any help?


A better way to capture a application workload for SQL Server is using Microsoft’s SQL Profiler. Using SQL Profiler allows you to filter what you want to capture to just what you are interested, while using the ODBC trace will turn capture all ODBC traffic. Just follow the steps;

  1. Start SQL Profiler and setup trace to only capture your application SQL traffic
  2. Save the Profiler trace as a trace table on the test server
  3. Use BMF to import the trace table data and create your workload.

Let me know how this works for you.



This has helped some. I am still getting errors though. I’m also not sure where the 28 users is coming from. I tried setting it to vary the users, in Edit > Settings, but no matter what it seems to always use 28.
AMBERB - ANA_app - sqltrace Job
Job Started
Started test SQL Server Trace (AMBERB - ANA_app - sqltrace)
Agent(AmberB) Error: ODBC Error (S0002,D0) - [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name ‘sp_reset_connection’.
Test completed with errors.
** Job finished.
Total Time to perform the job:
Start Time: 11/12/2009 2:45:29 PM
End Time : 11/12/2009 2:48:19 PM
Elapsed : 0 Days 00:02:50.300

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