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.Net Framework 4.7.1 is preventing installation

Team - I have tried to install Toad for IBM DB2 2019 Edition and I am getting an error saying that we need .Net framework of 4.7.1....I have higher .Net framework and still I am not able to get the installation done...any help on how to get around this ?

I am on Windows 10.


What version(s) of the .Net Framework do you have installed?
I screenshot of Control Panel - Programs & Features would be great.

Same issue, windows 10, i tried to install 4.7.1 and windows said i already had the latest version of 4.7.1 or better. I do have a screenshot of the message during the install of Toad. Let me know where to go from here.

Lyn M.

Thanks guys. i went back and downloaded the version released on 8/13 for 7.07 and that worked for me.

Thank you,
Lyn M.