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New 2 BMF, 2 Develop repeatable performance test best practices Oracle 10g?



I have used TOAD for PL/SQL coding and DB SQL before 10g, Now I have a NEW TASK to Develop repeatable performance test tools/practices ?

Any help to quickly learn ? So that I can help my team to follow the practices?

Is there a VMware type ready set up environment to start practicing online by loading some data ? I did like watching some videos now wanna try them. Instead of installing everything I thought ready setup would be nice…


There are several articles here on Toad World talking about performance testing best practices as well as several blogs. Just do a search for performance testing and you will find them.

There is not a VMWare image of BMF already installed, but the install of BMF is very easy and you can be up and running tests fairly quickly, depending of coarse on the type and size of the test selected.