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New Autocomplete


I’m LOVING the new drop down for auto complete. Thank you guys a million,

Chuck Haines

Code Monkey

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“Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did,
you’d be out of a job.”
(Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering)


I second the loving….great feature. J

Phil Maidlow


Thank you both of you. I’m sure there are a few rough edges around it (Matt has
already found a few in another posting), but that’s what the beta program is for


Quest Software


Thanks Henrik…

And also, it is very possible that I will indicate that I think it
should work one way as I test it. But if I am all wet and are way off
base as to what you and your development team thinks something should
work, don’t hesitate to correct me. I will not be offended. A lot of
times I am just throwing ideas out there. Not that they necessarily the
best idea…just the best idea in my little world. ;^)

Keep up the great work.