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New beta 5 observations


I like these subtabs!! It’s Good idea!!
Yeah, DBExplorer at the left (how can i move it to right?).

And now some things i’ve observed.
1.F3 could be working
2. There could be a shortcut to focus dbExplorer tab, when U browse table, Colums tab is focused, it would be nice to have posiblity to get back to dbExporer without clicking on tab. Maybe it would be better to keep dbExplorer tab Focused, after table browsing.
3. I cant find save Blob Option…
4. When you click prior query button, you can’t back into latest query
5. Get Metadata not working for PACKAGE BODY. I think there is wrong value for object type in get_ddl function, there should be ‘PACKAGE’ instead of "PACKAGE BODY’. Gett ddl makes ddl for package and body in one execution.
6. I can’t turn in ubdatable mode sql on single partition, old editor could.
SELECT * FROM table PARTITION(partition)
7. Maybe if no rows are retuned, there could be one empty row, like in old editor? Single list of columns looks strange for me, eh maybe its because i was working so long on old editor :wink:
8. I think it would be nice to have oher nodes form old DBNavigator, like users, roles, profiles, tablespaces, etc. DBExplorer works much faster than DBExplorer ;), and users could have all options in one component
9. DBl clicking on views,Triggers and oter objects,could open Object editor, it’s much useful than viewing only sql.
10. DBl clicking on node not expanding , you must click on + . (DBNav has it)
11. Yeah, colls are under table node! But drop column not working. In cols node, their type could be displayed too (like in DB NAvigator).
12. There could be difference when displaying LOB/CLOB cols in grid. Now we can see only LOB label, user should know what exactly type is inside.
I think this should be enough for now.

Regards Piter

  1. yes, and it would be nice for it to list out the column names like the old way. (I think you have mentioned this before.)
  2. I kind of like the new way without showing a blank row. Then you know there are no rows returned, instead of maybe one row with some null columns.
  3. And also the ability to turn on/off what you do or do not want to see. There should also be a way to set a filter on each object type, like you could in the old DB Navigator.



You raise some good usability issues in this lot guys… THANKS!!

Some we know of, some we don’t…
I’ll go through this with Roman and get back to you on them (or Roman will get back).

Stand by…

  • Jaime -

  1. Yep. The problem is that F3 for Browse Data would conflict with F3 for Find Next.
  2. Yes, I think there’s not much need to focus Columns.
  3. Yes, BLOBs are not quite supported yet.
  4. Yes you can. There is Next Statement button (down arrow).
  5. True. DBMS_METADATA extracts metadata for both spec and body when you pass a package name and doesn’t work for bodies.
  6. Good pick, has to be fixed.
  7. Maybe show greyed text ‘’ or similar?
  8. Although DB Explorer was not meant to be DB Navigator replacement, we are thinking of extending it with DBA functionality. Perhaps we’ll add a separate ‘DBA’ node that will parent all the DBA-related stuff like Session Priveleges, Tablespaces, Roles, etc.
  9. The idea was to provide all the necessary View and Trigger editing functionality within UE and get rid of the View and Trigger Editors. The idea has not been fulfilled yet. Bringing the editors back is a simple and obvious solution for now.
  10. This regression will be addressed.
  11. Both points are valid, although I don’t think you can drop a column from DB Navigator.
  12. Absolutely. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been implemented.



I’ve raised 10 CRs for you Piter (and I also raised 10 for Charlie), my fingers are now sore…
so I’m going home to rest my hands

  • Jaime -


4. Previous sql-statement not working for me as expected, watch attachment. I executed sql (select sysdate from dual) , then click up arrow to see previous sql, then i can’t get back to my first statement (select sysdate from dual).
7. I liked nulled row as in old editor, but as Charlie said this could be taken as one row with nulled cols. Ok leave it only cols without row looks nice ;).
9. When I dblclick on these objects, i want to edit them, opening editors on dbl click is what i need. It would be great to open editors in tab too. One UE for connection is wonderful improvement, working on multiple connections is much easier, user don’t have to identify which window belongs to which connection.

Some new ideas:
13. Maybe it would be nice to give possibility for direct connections (using host and sid) in logon form.Sometimes I must connect into database just one time, then before that I must add tns entry. Having direct conn I can connect without editing anything at all.

Regards Piter (95.2 KB)


Hi Piter,

Are you pasting ‘select sysdate from dual’ into the editor?
The only way I can replicate your error, is if I paste a SQL into the editor.
When I paste the SQL it is not remembered, but if I enter it manually it is remembered.
Can you confirm that this is the same for you, and I will raise a CR for it!!

  • Jaime -

UPDATE: After further investigation, this functionality is doing strange things!!
It isn’t anythting to do with pasted SQL, as sometimes this does, and sometimes this doesn’t work.
The functionality is screwy and requires investigation by Roman… there has been a CR raised for it!!

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  1. Sounds like a good idea to me…
    I’ll log a CR for it Piter.
  • Jaime -

  1. Yes, this idea is good and isn’t new for us. In fact, this was implemented a few versions back, but such direct connections have certain limitations and are less stable, so we were afraid it would be hard to pass QA with this feature. Also, the management didn’t believe it would be enough value to justify the risk. So we disabled it for the time being.


PS. To my knowledge, Oracle Client 10g allows you to enter TNS parameters in the connection string (Nav’s Database field in Logon dialog), but I don’t remember if I tested this.