New Beta build of Toad for SAP has been posted

Toad for SAP Beta now offers:

  • SAP HANA - Connections and Objects
  • SAP ASE 16 Features:
    • Index Compression Support
    • Support for Multiple Triggers and Trigger Order
    • Support for Cyclic Redundancy Checks for Dump Database
    • Database Encryption
  • Table Compression for SAP ASE 15.7
    See the Beta Release Notes for information on how to connect to HANA and where to find new features.

Please, download here.

I get ‘File not found’ error…/

Hi ZeenKork,

someone must have changed the number in the link.

It should be…/ as the version is


UPDATE: The link has been corrected.

Thanks Daniel! Also note that the link to the the beta page under Quick Links on the page below doesn’t appear to be working.

You’re right - we’ll fix the link. Thanks for that!

Also, please, could you write some feedback for our Beta? We really appreciate any comments from our users.

Thank you.

UPDATE: The link has been corrected.