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New beta for has been posted!


We are almost done with a very substantial patch release to Code Tester:

The latest beta is available at

I encourage you to download and check it out. Lots of small improvements to the UI, many bug fixes, and the following new functionality:

  • Generate DBMS_PROFILER data for your program execution with a small amount of customization code.
    Check the Help document for details, topic “Generate Profile Information for Programs.”

  • Programmatically specify customized result message text. In addition to seeing the generated
    result message text, you can specify additional text to be appended to the core text.
    Check the Help document for details, topic “Customize Message Text Shown in the Results View.”

  • Reference the values of program argument inputs in your custom queries and other areas with
    much greater ease. You no longer need to declare your own global variables.

  • Exports of test definitions now include both the test results and the source code for the program
    you are testing (snapshot taken at the time of last test code generation).

Production availability in October…

Regards, Steven