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New BETA v. with support for PostgreSQL 8.1 Released!


Hello All,

I’m happy to announce that another BETA version has just been released.

This Beta brings particularly:

  • Support for PostgreSQL 8.1 (All PostgreSQL users are warmly welcome to our community! )

  • Enhanced Convertor/Comparator (for Model Update, Model Merge/Model Compare) with possibility to merge models into existing model or a new model, and possibility to compare and merge models to various database systems without the necessity to close the Convertor/Comparator (see the new icon ‘Close after Finish’). - I’m sure, you’ll appreciate these enhancements.

  • New possibility to define an external editor to open generated SQL/DDL script. See Settings | Options | Physical Model section | particular DB.

  • New option to generate ER diagram of particular workspace in HTML report for PER model.

  • GUI changes such as:

    • F9 for SQL/DDL script generation,
    • renamed option Remove from Workspace (Del) for removing a shortcut of object from WS (see the Objects menu),
    • changed shortcut for deleting objects from model - SHIFT + Del now (used to be CTRL + Del),
  • More than ten resolved issues.

Please see the BETA Release Notes document at:

Download the new BETA version from:

Well, Friday is finally here. (It seems like we’ve taken a fancy to Fridays for releasing our Betas…)

Enjoy your weekend and remember to relax enough to get back to our Beta full of energy on Monday.

We look forward to your feedback!

Take care,

Vladka & TDM Team