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Sorry for absence, but my scope of work has changed and i’m working less with code, but more with human resources and ETL tools.
In meanwhile i installed new 7.0 version - and it looks nice, good direction!.
1.The new editor looks very friendly, but as I can see it works a little slow - after changing tab, toolbars are building for a while (change from sql tab to plsql tab). The same, after tab change bars changes places in bar…
2. The same text editing, jumping in code (ctrl+arrow) or scrolling cursor using arrows - consumes a lot of cpu usage.
3. Some new features - I think, this is tool for code programmers, and most important part of tool should be the best code editor. I think that we should take a while to look at notepad++ and copy some functionality :), for example:
-after dblclick on word - highliting all the same words in script - very important
-conversions space to tab, tab to space - this is under right click Edit, i’ve just found…this should be added into main Edit menu
-trimming space and white marks at the end of the line
-conversion EOL (windows/unix)
-using TAB and Ctrl+Tab - can indenting block of code.
And tabs:
-dblclick agfter last tab - opens new tab - very useful, and takes no place for + sign (like in Chrome)
-use third button in mouse (middle) can close tab

One more, focusing inside code explorer:
After clicking proc name, scope is focused in editor, but procedure is at the bottom of the window, this is not good.

And the last, explain plan not working for me, is this any known problem with that?

Regards P.

Ahh I forgot, toolbox:
I was thinking about focusing default part of the toolbox after specified operation, for example:

  1. After logon - focus on DB Explorer
  2. Afret opening stored procedure - focus on code Explorer
    and so on.

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One more,
Toolbar in plsql editor, when U align all icons, mean remove spaces between them, and then change tab to SQL Editor, and then again into plsql editor, icons are not aligned…
I know, it’s because replacing one icons to another, but, maybe U should block positions of some icons on this bar :).

Spool tab, it’s useless when spool is off, editor shouldnt create extra tab while sql execution, one tab less to create, shorter time to create form.
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Hi Piortek,

Welcome back to our community, and thank you very much for your suggestions.

  1. I have raised PT46439837 for your first 2 points about the performance of code editor.

  2. The features about operations in code editor, I have raised PT46440033 for them too.
    We will need to discuss with the team about each items you mentioned. Beyond questions, some of them are quite good suggestions, however some may be a little difficult for us to implemente. Anyway, will let you know how we go with each of them, thanks.

  3. After clicking proc name, scope is focused in editor, but procedure is at the bottom of the window, I have riased PT46440171 seperatly for it.

  4. Explain Plan doesn’t work. May I ask which beta build are you using? I can see it works fine for me in latest beta build 2814. It might didn’t work in previous beta builds.

  5. focusing default part of the toolbox after specified operation

  • After logon - focus on DB Explorer (I think what we have now works like this)
  • Afret opening stored procedure - focus on code Explorer (raised PT46440853 for it)
  1. Remove space between toolbars once changing from sql tab to pl/sql tab, have raised PT46441403 for it.
    We will try to remove the spaces, but we need to think more for blocking because we always allow user to customize by themselves, and we offered an option in customize window to lock toolbars too.

7.For spool tab, it doesn’t display if the spool output option is off in preference. I just wonder if that doesn’t work well for you?

Thank you for your feedback again sir, feel free to contact us anytime.


Hi Shirly,
Thanx for reply!

  1. I checked it out, it works for me in Win7, but not working in WinXP (Vmware machine), watch attached clips:
    clip0001 - WinXP
    clip0003 - Win7 x64

  2. Focusing tabs, sqlnavs remember last tab before close sqlnav. When U open program once again and login, toolbox is focused on last used group (tab?). For example when U close program with code Explorer focused, after logon that group will be displayed.

7 Watch clip0004 - spool tab is created even if spooler is disabled - what is visible in clip.

Regards Peter.
clips.rar (271 KB)

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for your clips, that helped a lot.

  1. I can see explain plan did not work well for you in clip0001, however I didn’t get a fortune to reproduce it yet in winXP in my VM. But I will keep an eye on it, once get any progress will let you know, thanks.

  2. I got your point about this request now, and I have added some comment about it in PT46440853

  3. I reproduced the spool issue with server output ON too. there is a story PT46519095 for it, and Vincent has fixed it already, it will be applied in next beta build, thanks.

Any other issues please feel free to let us know.

Thanks and regards,

I tried to reset docking windows, by option i sqlnav, and also deleted registry keys, but with no success, explain is not showing plan.
In my explain plan form, buttons at the right at the plan window are missing too, there is something wrong with configuration of windows, i think.

Regards P.

Hi Peter,

We made some changes in the latest beta 2876 to improve the response performance of code editor when you switch tabs or navigate in the code lines. Could you have a try and let us know whether you feel it better than before?


Yes, I think there is a little improvement :).