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New Beta


Any Idea when the next Beta will be released? not being able to connect to DB2
is a big issue.


I echo Tom’s observation. I’ve been defaulting to the commercial
version this round rather than the beta because I frequently need DB2.


I see this posting in regards to DB2.

From my knowledge the CRs in the above posting was just an installation issue
where the DB2 catalog was not copied over and would be rectified by importing a
profile or defining a connection. I would assume both of you tried this. What
occurred when doing this?



Debbie –

Thanks for the info.

I deleted the DB2 connection and imported the connection from the commercial

I can now access DB2 and I’m back to using the beta.


Excellent. The next Beta (due out in a day or two) will not “trash” your connections:)



When trying to import connections, for some reason the wizard only finds SQL
server connections in my connections.xml file.
However I was able to recreate the connections from scratch in XP.

For WinServer2008 however, I still get this error when trying to create a DB2

The following error was encountered attempting to establish the correct DB2
environment - Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Program

Then when you click 'OK" you get:
The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000005) occured in the application
at location 0x00000000.
Click on OK to terminate the program

I will try to find the complete process for creating the connection on
WinServwe2008 64 bit which I remember was pretty convoluted.


Even after trying !db2cfexp DB2CatExport backup, Still get the errors listed
below trying to create the connection.

I suspect even with the new Beta, I will still not be able to create a
WinServer2008 64 bit DB2 Catalogue.

Need a solution please.


Do you happen to have a 64-bit Db2 client installed separately on that server?
It is my understanding that you can not mix and match 32-bit and 64-bit db2
clients. TDA only installs 32-bit.

Is this possibly the issue?


I can’t remember specifically, except that it was all working fine with the beta
2.7 version before 140. I’ll have to check.


I am running 32bit Oracle and 64bit DB2 Clients on this DEV server.
Again, this setup was working fine before beta 140.

We are considering commercial 2.6 for one of our Production Machines to roll out
one of our Automation Solutions. That Machine has 32bit Oracle and 64bit DB2
Clients as well.

We need to consider the impacts and how to install TDA on this setup, and if it
will work. (See new thread for 64bit Support).



We changed the DB2 Client and it is not compatible with having a 64-bit DB2 client on the same server. I don’t know the details of this. I only know the code I had to write for the Toad for DB2 installer. They have built two install versions that install either a 64-bit client or a 32-bit client. I was not planning on going down this path. But obviously I will need to at least put some checks in place.

Do you need to have 64-bit Db2 client? If possible can you uninstall the 64-bit client, reboot and install TDA Beta that we will post today? (Don’t use the last one).