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New Build Comments

LOVE that you added the ctrl-z, ctrl-y options! Thank you!

Question about the color borders, sounds like a good plan, BUT if you store the passwords with the connections there is no way to indicate the border to use. :frowning: Seems like you need to add a property of some sort to your project manager window so that you can set the color. Can that be done? Or, maybe a right click of some sort on the DB Navigator?

Hi Joethejet

Got the same “problem” : I deleted all my saved connections, an recreated them with the color. In this way they are kept.

Other problem related to the colours. The do not appear on the editor window when maximized

Colors 1.png

When minimised, it’s ok, but none of my colleagues works like this.

Colors 2.png

It would be good to assign the same color to the editor window then to the Task bar Windows.



Martin, thanks for the comments.

  1.  I will try to an RH menu for the connection items in Project Manager to allow users to change the color categories of them.
  2.  Adding colors to the editor tabs sounds good. We will do itJ . (in additional, we also added a color box to each entry in the Current Session drop down list)

It also appears that if you close down Nav and then start againn, the color coding for the windows that auto open go away. At least I think that’s what happened.