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New Code Tester 2.0 beta available for testing


We have posted a new beta release of Code Tester 2.0, which addresses the issues listed below.

Thanks for the many great comments on how to improve the product and also reporting of bugs. We have, in particular, revamped the icons in the trees to display status more clearly.

Regards and happy holidays,
Steven Feuerstein

Bugs Fixed and Other Issues Addressed

In 1.9, we used to have “Formatting Options” under Tools menu on the Dashboard. It’s missing from 2.0. We need to bring back “Formatting Options” under “Database” menu in Main Window

Show new icons on the Legend–since only the Test Definition Icon changed, we need to update the Test Definition in the Legend. But since this

Test Editor: Run Test does nothing if unit test or test case is selected. I would expect it to run this only but nothing happens.

Focus on new test case when drag&drop properties

Try to run suite via command line (PLSQL) that is inactive or cannot be run (disabled on tree in browser), and go into infinite loop.

Started On/Start Time: Because the Result Viewer Element Properties pane is no longer available this information is not shown, which makes it difficult to assess how long the test was running for.

Command line export: follow /Run with a command to /Export with test results included (/tr=Y) and source code excluded (/ps=N) but the source snapshot that I explicitly excluded was included in the export.

Unexpected error when clicking “Help” button in preferences–no context-sensitive help installed.

Result Viewer System Events: The pane that showed details about events, eg when test code generated was invalid. Will the information we had there be displayed in the Result Viewer tree view?

Result Viewer Element Properties: The pane that showed details about the highlighted Result Viewer element has disappeared. It was quite handy to be able to see the GUIDs and some details not shown in the viewer.

Missing inconsistent icon when remove unit test from Suite

AV message when click send support bundle

Suites results are inconsistent when order of elements in the suite has changed

Date and time formats used should either be from the database (yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss[.ff]) or the format set up in Windows (Control Panel | Regional and Language [Options]). Change date format in Oracle Login and Result Tab for “Last Connect” and “Finished On”

Add “Expand” and “Collapse” menu item to all trees on all levels.

Removing a test case in the Navigator completely collapses it. This is quite inconvenient. Should stay open at the same level if more test cases exist at that level, if not, should collapse 1 level.

Upgrade reports for new suite structure and multiple test definitions.

Test code generated doesn’t prefix a package owned by another schema with the owner. Example: A function FUNC1 in package SCOTT.PACK1 is referenced as “PACK1”.“FUNC1” instead of “SCOTT”.“PACK1”.“FUNC1”:

In Test Editor, press Delete key while positioned on unit test and it performs a delete on the entire test definition. Pressing delete should prompt for delete of the currently selected item. Make sure this works the same way in Test Explorer as well.

Invalid Test Code Generation because of Test Builder

Only the first x characters of a test suite name is shown in the Navigator when changing the name of a suite to be longer than the longest suite name before the change. If a name is longer it’s shown as “…”. It seems that the max. width shown is set up for the longest name when the Navigator is opened. When the suite is executed suddenly the full name is displayed.

Pressing [Del] in a text field in the properties of a Test Definition in Test Editor yields the following dialog instead of deleting a character in the text field (I expect this to be a widespread bug):

Rename “Copy” to “Copy for Suite” and “Paste” to “Paste to Suite” in Test Tree and Suite Tree

Keyboard Access to Menus The menus can no longer be accessed via the keyboard – none of the menus or menu items have underlined characters. This is a serious drawback for users that try to use the mouse as little as possible in order to avoid mouse-related strain and for improved productivity.

I have a lot of unit tests and when I make an exports I have to click 50 times to confirm that the export can be replaced. Is it possible to say Yes for ALL

When creating a Suite by selecting “Save as Suite”, put focus on the new suite

When a user tries to take an action specified in Description on a test definition that is locked, display a dialogue window and stop the operation.

Failures in generation are being “swallowed up” and no error reported in results screen, when running a test.

Command line execution of programs is not finding the test definition when it should.

Children of upgraded suites (from 1.9) do not appear.

CMD Line – Different program owner when exporting.

Import Error :Code Tester is unable to generate correct test code for test definitions specified"

Test Builder copy and paste test case, causing invalid test code generation

Last_run_status = YES when right click from unit test and run clean-up

Message dialog uses wrong tense

Error importing suite in .qut format when a test definition with matching test name already exists.

Rename of test definition does NOT store the new name in the database. You need to do a save after you make this change.

Rename Test Definition does not rename

Preferences dialog syntax issue

Import Suite Legacy Export file (qut) error “PLS-00905: object HR.QCTO#IMPORT_SUITE_1 is invalid”

Typos of “defintion” and “definiton” on the import window.

Child Suite is disable but it execute when execute root level

Update text on the installation dialog

Remove export preference (legacy or XML) from preferences window. All exports for tests and suites are XML. All exports for Test DataGroups (TDGs) are in the old .qut format.

Changing date values to ‘31/12/1899’ when date is null