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New Editor ;)


Great improvement for programers, this is what i expected !! Many many thanks for this new unified editor, but you have some work to do with this great component, here are some things i noticed after first use:

1.Duplicated pocedures list in outline, when procedure is declared in body, list of procedures declarations IN BODY shouldn’t be displayed, i think.
2.Excepion after dblclickin on cell after fist open editor - see attachement clip0007.
3.ctrl+C,f3 and other shortcuts not working with object in DB Explorer
4.Ctrl+s not working with plsql editor
5.After applying changes to DB editor should automaticly reload code without prompt
6.Ctrl+f4 closes all editor, not single tab
7.Syntax Colouring could be as in old editor.
8. Nav doesn’t close connection after closing New Editor- which is the latest window in nav.
9. Quick metadata of large subpartitioned table raises exception.- see clip0008, table ddl is included…
10. Blob viewer always displays empty blobs

  1. After edit data, you can see upate statement of record (preview changes), decimal separator is like in my Windows variables - “coma”, but should be always “dot”. Oracle uses coma to separate cols in select statement.
    If i found something new, will write!

Regards Piter. (173 KB) (279 KB)


Hi Piter,

It is so good to receive your feedback and know what they are heading the right direction. Roman has put in a lot of hardwork to get this new Editor to you and our Beta Community. Roman and the whole team put our hearts and souls into this product…

I know that we still have a long way to go and a lot work to do to make this Unified Code Editor work for you and all Nav customers. Roman will work very closely with you to make this component as good as it can be for you and our customers . Roman will own this space and work with you on this. Roman will get back to you the first thing Monday when we are back to work.

Have a great weekend Piter.

Thanks again and regards,



Hi Bruce!
Really good decision with this editor! Goood job ROMAN!
I supose that one of your team take on top DBAs options too, its very needed …


Hi Piter,
As always, we will work closely with Daniel and do as much as we can in this space with DBA functionalities for you.

Best regards,


Yes I know , frogs and other animals …, but i just remind it…


Good reference Piter !!!



Hi Piter,
I’m back to work today and glad to already have some feedback about UE. I’m aware of almost all the problems you mention in your post, and most of them, I believe, are already in our internal list of issues. We were in hurry to release the Beta before my vacation, this is why those bugs appeared in Beta. As Bruce said, I put my heart and my soul into this new component, and my strongest desire is to make it as good as possible. All the issues will sooner or later be fixed, it just depends on how much of my time I will be able to allocate to this.
Now let’s talk specifically about your remarks.

  1. We can actually argue about that. Outline displays exactly what you have in your code, hiding only less relevant details, such as assignments. If you have some duplication, you will see it in Outline. The only thing that could be improved I think is showing images next to every node in Outline, according to the type of construct. We would need quite a few different new images though.
  2. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I’m sure I can fix it.
    3), 4) - aware of these, easy to fix.
    • the problem is that Oracle sometimes modifies the code when creating a stored object, to the point of losing most of it. But I agree, we should be more intelligent when reloading code and don’t ask any questions unnecessarily.
  3. will be fixed
  4. notice that only the default color scheme is different (see Preferences), and missing is the ability to customize the colors. This will be rectified.
  5. Yes, we had to rework the connection management significantly for several reasons:
  • UE is the only window that can have several connections to (possibly different) databases at a time;
  • any tab in UE, except a stored object editor, can work off-line (i.e. with no connection).
    To keep the old behavior, we would have to, when closing UE, check every tab’s session, whether this session still has open windows. I will try to implement this, but bear in mind that UE can have hundreds of tabs, so this algorithm might be very slow.
  1. Quick Metadata is based on Oracle’s DBMS_METADATA package which has lots of limitations, so use Extract DDL when it doesn’t work for you.
  2. I know that the BLOB/CLOB viewers/editors have some problems; they will be addressed.
  3. True. Easy to fix.

UE was designed and implemented first as a separate application, and most problems are either integration issues or inconsistencies with the rest of Nav, not just from a lack of quality. I’ll have to work hard to get rid of them all, but we’ll get there eventually.



Hi Roman !!
Thanks for fast reply, i see that UE is your favourite child, believe that UE will be very poverfull tool for us.

Now my fev words :wink:
ad 7. I use only custom colors, thats why i saw differences :wink:
ad 9. I didn’t noticed that this functionality was based dbms_metadata, of course this package as limitations…

What about shortcuts, they are important for me. My testing is real work with productional code on database, using Your beta navigator. I will use UE, if work with this tool will not be slower than work with classic editor. It would be very nice that shortcuts will be available in next beta build :wink:

Some new things.
1.Try to use “compile” option on marked Package Body (not package), ORA-00922: missing or invalid option, message is showed.
2. Opening of PLSQL code takes about 5-10s per package. Old editor opens the same code below second. - you can see this in attachement.
3. Opening second session, changes current user, but when you want to open code form DBExplorer opened i first connection, you can’t. Current user could be changed when clicking on node in dbExplorer - watch attachement.

Regards Piter


attachement to previous post :wink: (391 KB)


Hi Piter,
Of course, our goal is to make a tool that will be faster than the classic editor. I mean, it should help you to do your work faster - e.g. faster get to the code you need to look at. Unfortunately, this often requires some additional work to be done by the editor, which, ironically, slows it down. The reason opening a package takes more time now is because UE shows dependencies of the package in the Dependencies panel, and querying dependencies has never been fast. So, this is the price for convenience. The good news is that this can be done in the background, so the user will only notice a delay in updating the Dependencies panel. I take this as an enhancement request.

The problem with DB Explorer is that it shows all open connections, but Nav’s architecture only allows to perform any actions from the current connection. So, e.g. to open or compile a package from a non-current connection’s branch in DB Explorer you first need to make this connection (session) current. Doing this automatically would produce some unpleasant effects, such as changing the connection associated with the current tab. So, my suggestion would be to provide an option to switch to a node’s session on demand, just to avoid the need to go to the session dropdown and search for the appropriate session.

I’ve already fixed the Compile problem.



By the way, Packages and Packages Bodies:

  1. in DBExplorer invalid PAckages could be coloured as invalid bodies.
  2. When you droping packages Body it would be nice to add option - drop with package…

Roman i’m looking forvard to seen new beta build…

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

This is just to let you know that I’ve implemented the background loading of dependencies when opening a procedure/package in UE. So now opening is really fast. The change will be available in the next build.



Hi Roman,
I’ve installed beta4 ;).
Unfortunetly opening package is still slower than in old editor.
For example opening single package body takes about 3-5s, but in old editor below 1s.

Regards (334 KB)


Hi Piter,

I really don’t know why it is slow on your system. For me, it’s very fast. Maybe my test schemas or the packages themselves are not big enough. Could you send me the DLL of one of your packages that are slow to load, so I could test?



No problem! (14 KB)


Hi Piter,

Your package opens faster for me in the UE than it does using the DB Navigator to invoke the old editor. It’s virtually instantaneous (in the UE).

So something rather odd going on if you are experiencing a delay of a few seconds.

  • Jaime -