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New exception dialog does not allow selecting/copying text


I might get a user defined exception with some helpful information, or just want to search for the exception online. With the old dialog I could just select and copy the relevant parts to the clipboard, this does not seem to work any more.

Is there a way to bring this feature back? Thanks!



The dialog is now a standard Windows Task Dialog which fixes various GUI alignment issues and the permanent stay on top bug. It supports ctrl+c without first needing to select, but it copies all text so you’ll need to paste elsewhere to fine tune your selection if the entire text is an issue. Starting next neta the command link hints (text beneath buttons) are omitted so that will reduce the clipboard clutter.


Thank you, your efforts to fix these bugs are really appreciated.

Ctrl+C will have to do, one problem is that this option is not obvious. Guess you can’t add another button to copy only the message to the clipboard?

I’m afraid the answer is no, but is there any chance to increase the dialog width or to change the font?

New dialog

BTW, when executing as a script, the old dialog appears:

Old dialog


I have a few ideas I’ll play with today, Peter.


Ok, try again next beta. “Copy to clipboard” link added to dialog following the error text. When exception is raised from within PL/SQL the message can be quite lengthy. In such cases a generic dialog title is used and the detail of your exception are shown as normal text as seen here.


I’ll take a look at the script error dlg as well.


Excellent, this is so much better now. Thanks you!


Great, thanks for the update.

Next beta will have script error dialog converted and other tweaks. ORA-06550 errors can get quite lengthy. Since they are PL/SQL compiler errors the dialog will show the first compiler error and all corresponding PLS-xxxxx in the text area. Additional ORA-06550 within the exception message are available beneath a “See details” expanded text area. Copy to clipboard will grab the entire message including the details portion.