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New Feature: Generator Profiles


Greetings again team,

As I’ve been using TDM for more and more intense projects, I’m finding that sometimes I need to simply drop and reload my stored procedures to accommodate for some logic changes or a new column added to the schema.

The SQL Generator is wonderful in that there are so many options to choose from. Once it was explained on how to save the generator options for a specific model, I was set! My “default” model drops all objects (if they exist) and rebuilds everything. This is ideal when I need to restart my development environment.

What would you think about the option of having “Generator Profiles” for each model. It would be something the user had to create, but that way I could have a "Full Model’ generator script, a “Stored Procedure Only” generator script, even a “Data Only” or “Data Loading” script as I need it.

All it would do would just save the check box options I have already specified. This would save me time, and potentially errors as well. A couple times in the past I was unchecking and rechecking the options needed for just my procedures and missed unchecking the “drop tables” option. I had missed this when the script ran and I had to rebuild all my test data.

I realize this may be difficult to implement or more of a “niche” feature, but I wanted to bring it up as something for your team to think about.

Keep up the great work!


Hello Dillie-O,

Thanks very much for your suggestion.

Let me inform you that new Beta supports OTPs. So, there will be completely new way of selecting objects, not only for DDL script generation. Nevertheless, I’m not sure whether it fully meets your requirements.
Before I create a new CR, I would like to suggest to wait till the next Beta is released. Please check out this new feature then to see if it meets your requirements. If not, please do not hesitate to write us your suggestions on how to improve it. I’ll create new CRs then.

The new Beta is planned to be released by the end of this week. (Provided that everything goes fine.)

Thanks for your patience.




Excellent! I’ll definitely try out the new feature and let you know!


Quick update
Searching in our system, similar request has been found (possibility to save different settings for a model + their selection) - CR # 36 844.
I’ve updated this CR with your suggestion on generator profiles.