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New features in plsql editor


I saw new toad last time, and there are nice features in plsql editor, which could be included in sqlNav too.

  1. You can expand/hide all plsql blocks, simple begin/end and procedures,functions in package. +/- button is available next to plsql block.
  2. Objects in body are separated by line.
    Those tricks improves readability of the code…i think…

Think about it, maybe it would be as usefull for others, as for me!


Hi Piter,

Olivier is a big boy now .

Apology for some delay with our response. It was a public holiday in Melbourne yesterday :-).

That is exactly what Roman is working on right now, The editor will have collapse/expand capability as per your request, plus it will also give you an outline of your code, new & better data grid…We will try to get the changes in a future beta build for you shortly.

Thanks and regards,


Great news Bruce!
I’m looking forward to seen 6.0 Beta version!

Oh, Olivier is about 6 kilos weight, and he knows some important words like : le,gugu,eyy etc. now I must learn meanig of them …

Regards Piter


We will need to turn the clock back many years to help us understand kid’s spoken language , but I bet the first word Olivier could say is Pa Pa = Daddy .


It could be! In polish Daddy = tata