New field as link to other table

Please help,

I have created a new field in a table by rtrim(t.asset,’?’) as assetnew and would like to use assetnew to link to another table

when i try

where t.assetnew = x.sedol

i get invalid column name

can i use my rtrim formula field as a link to another table? if so, how?


I’m not entirely sure I follow what you’re trying to do, but I think it is as simple as needing to repeat your formula in your where clause also such as rtrim(t.asset,’?’) = x.sedol. The problem is your where clause doesn’t know of the assetnew alias so you have to use the formula again. If you had a nested select where your rtrim was in the inner select and there where clause on the outer select, then you could use the alias, but it would be without the “t.”.

thanks Mark, repeating the formula is the answer I have had from someone else and this works! thanks so much, I’m not v good with sql!!!