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New Flash Movies Available!


Hello all TDM3 users and fans,

I’m happy to inform you that we have made a new set of flash movies.
See the details below.

What and Why…?

As many significant changes and improvements have been made since the first Beta, we’ve made new, up-to-date movies from scratch. Again, you will be introduced the interface layout, shown how to work with shortcuts of objects, Version Manager etc., however, in the new movies:

  • updated features, functions, options etc. are shown,
  • they are shown in a different way (new examples, new connections),
  • and new features are introduced.


See the Library section, the Flash Movies category:

Note: Other new movies will be added to this section gradually. Feel free to sort the movies.

Tips for Advanced Users of TDM3

Workspaces, modeless dialogs, shortcuts, SHIFT + Del to delete objects, moving break points… Getting bored…? - Yes, I know - nothing new for you… :wink:
However, here I’m with some movie tips for you:

  • Basic Physical Modeling - Parent attributes issue (rolename).
  • Advanced Physical Modeling - Triggers, permissions, users, user groups, alternate keys for unique attributes, linking method…
  • Generation of Alter Scripts - Convertor and its options. Compare models and generate alter scripts.
  • Logical Modeling - Create a new logical model and convert it to physical model, inheritance conversion rules.
  • M:N Relationships in Logical Model - See how such relationships are converted in PER model.
  • Version Manager - Up-to-date options in VM, sorting of VM items in the List dialog.
  • Customization - Create a new package, work with metamodels, edit forms and frames, Scripting Window…

Enjoy! :wink:

Advice for New Users of TDM3

Let us recommnend you to watch the movies in particular order.
Sort the movies by ‘Last Modified - Oldest First’ and see the “Getting Started” category + number next to the movie name, e.g. Interface Layout [Getting Started 1].

Other tips for you:

  • Documentation Package
  • Old Beta movies
  • Community forum where you can post any questions.

See references below.

Other Documentation

Help file, User Manual and Reference Guide are available at:

Docs + Movies: Have a look at the Help file to get more details about the features shown in the movies. And e.g. the Customization movie directly refers to the “Customization - Sample” chapter in the User Manual.

Feel free to check out the documentation and let us know if you miss something important or do not understand anything or find a mistake etc. Still there’s much to improve. Thanks very much for your feedback!

Old BETA Movies

For now, also the Beta movies are at your disposal at:

Well, we hope you will like the movies. Enjoy them.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and support!

Have a nice day.

Vladka + TDM Team


I’m not sure what happened, but the display font for all of the windows makes it particularly hard to read. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to plain old Arial 8 pt. font.
tdm_movie_font.doc (154 KB)


It is the problem of the tool that caught it to flash I think.
And rescaling in flash.
Try to maximize it to high resolution, it will be much better.
And vice versa, in smaller resolution it is bad.
Slides/moves are handled as images, and resampling is killing them.

Maybe some advice for best resolution would be nice on page with those movies.


My screen capture was done at 1280 x 1024. My montior goes up to 1600 x 1200 but my eyes don’t. It doesn’t make the movie any more readable and makes everything else almost impossible. I tried a few other resolution settings and that didn’t help much either.

If there is a recommended resolution setting for viewing the movies then that would certainly be helpful to have on movie download page.


It’s similar to LCD monitors. If you have other resolution than the preferred,
the image is corrupt, fonts are blurred, not sharp.

I played a bit with the window (firefox, IE) and it appears that
the best resolution is 1024/768. But when using this resolution,
even with IE maximized, fullscreen(F11) (no status bar, window bottom bar, or other toolbars)
the image is not sharp enough.

As you can see, the TDM window was not maximized, it had custom dimensions.
We can only guess what it was.

It is better to have 1280/768 and resize window to
dimensions which remove the resampling at most.
Can’t be said if it’s this or that size, because of toolbars, menu, etc.


Hi Bruce and Arki55,

Just one question: did you try to open HTML file or SWF file?
If you try to open the SWF file direclty, it will not be readable. Please click the “See Flash Movie” button or “MovieName.HTM” file on right side.

Hope it helps,




Ahh. The HTML (or See Flash Movie) works much better than the SWF link.

I don’t know why I didn’t see or remember that.