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New functionality with the editors/connection


So I understand that the old buttons with the Automation, Query etc bar was
removed for real estate, and now all editor tabs are viewable no matter which
connection is in focus. However when you have several connections open, it is
now difficult to determine which editor is related to which connection,
especially when you have a dozen or more editors open.

This is causing confusion to the point of running dml from the wrong editor and
updating the tables in the wrong connection. (mess)

Now to work around this issue, I have been busy trying to color code all my
connections so that the editors follow the color coding of the connection they
are associated with, but again, I typically have 6 or more connections open and
about 4-8 editors for each connection. Scrolling across the tabs to find the
editor for the connection you are working on is becomeing very cumbersome.

I wind up spending more time moving the editors around in groups by color code,
than actual code development.

Please bring back the old functionality.


Hi Tom,

I apologize for the late reply. Nonetheless, I have created a new CR for this
issue. CR#84221, we will investigate and get back to you. Thank you



[ Attachment(s) from Debbie Peabody included below]

Hi Tom,

I am surprised at your comments. Real estate was a big issue to you, I thought.
Anyway, no matter. You can easily bring that functionality back. Go to
Configuration Wizard under the Tools menu. Select the Custom type and select
document grouping, hide windows of same connection and hide windows per group.
See attached screenshot.



Real estate is a concern yes, but I wouldn’t say it was an issue for me. I was
able to make due with what was available.

If anything, to increase real estate, what would be interesting is the ability
to detatch things like the background processes, snippits and navigation manager
and drag them to a different screen. Maybe even the button bars, sort of like in
Photoshop where you can move all your tools off to a different screen while the
main window is in the main screen.

Another thing which would help would be 2 things about the editor tabs:

  1. make the scroll button scroll through the tabs faster
  2. create page scroll buttons to skip forward 6 or 7 tabs at a time.

Right now, scrolling the editor tabs is very slow. To get from tab 1 to tab 12
takes about a minute.

Yesterday I came across a situation where the new functionality actually does
speed some tasks up, where I click back and forth from one editor/connection to
another which switches the focussed connection much faster than using the
connection combo box.



These are some great comments. The docked windows should pull over to separate screen. Let me look into that and the other ideas. I opened CR84,256 to review.