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New Intellisense Feedback - Can we have ordinal order as an option?


I love the new intellisense UI… some feedback on the * option:

When I select the * option to insert all the fields, it’s now inserting them in
alphabetic order instead of in ordinal order the way it used to.

There are some scenarios where it would be nice to have it work that way, but
for more often than not for me that’s a bit of a problem.

Can you do one of these things:



This works fine for me (It already does option a below).

select AddressID, AddressLine1, AddressLine2, City, StateProvinceID, PostalCode,
rowguid, ModifiedDate FROM Person.Address



OK, weird. Now I can’t repro it either.

I’ve got an example where it returned the fields in alphabetic order – but
now I’m having trouble reproducing it. At the time the table I was using was
joined to many other tables. If I can repro I’ll post a DDL script.



Thanks Darren. As far as I know I never touched this specific piece of code with
the current work over of the code completion.