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New Ribbon: Missing ability to add important buttons like "Format Code"


At first glance it looks like you’ve added a Ribbon to the app, but on closer inspection I realize that this is actually a toolbar that’s been set to use “Large Icons”.


First impressions:

  • There’s no button to run the code formatter!

  • Why did they take up so much real-estate with buttons I rarely use. (Solution: Right-click un-check use large icons).
    Customizing it bugs:

  • Now that I’m running a 3200x1800 display, my DPI settings have to be set higher – the new dialog for customizing the ribbon is VERY small, is fixed size / not scaleable, and does not handle high DPI at all (see pictures attached).

  • Found the Format Code option under Editor on Commands menu, but then realized, that there actually is no way to add this to the bar if it is displaying large icons.

  • Figured out that if I make it show small icons then I can add it.

  • But if I put the toolbar back to large icons, the item I added disappears.

  • If I toggle it back to small icons item added (Format Code) button is still missing.

This still needs a lot of work.