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New TDM 3 BETA Released!


Hello Beta users,

I’m bringing some good news from our TDM Team! :wink:

New TDM3 BETA version has been launched!

What can you expect?

  • Support for DB2 UDB v. 8!
  • New options on integration with Toad for Oracle such as Open Toad for Oracle projects, Import Toad for Oracle ERD etc.,
  • Enhanced Reverse Engineering Wizard,
  • Live RE - quickly update your models with new entities, views, synonyms (kind of limited model update feature),
  • and more than 25 resolved issues - fixed bugs and implemented enhancements.

Download the new version from:

Release Notes document with more details on the new features and resolved issues is available at:


  • Before you install the new version, please uninstall the previous Beta version.
  • Official TDM3 version and BETA version can be installed on one computer. You can also use TDM3 and TDM2 at the same time. No trouble should occur.
  • I suppose you track CR # of your requests ;). While testing the new Beta and reading the Beta Release Notes, you may wonder why particular CR is not listed there although the bug seems to be fixed. - Let me explain: Official TDM3 version was released before this Beta. Many of the fixes were implemented in this commercial release (and then in Beta). So, some of these CR # can be found in the Release Notes document of the official TDM3 v.

Modeling Community Contest Announcement

I’m very happy to announce the most contributing community member for this major Beta release.
This time it is Arki55 who got 135 points since 1 October till today.

Arki55, thanks very much for your fantastic co-operation! You’ve just won 25 USD Amazon Certificate. Congratulations!

Note: Arki55, please check out your Private Messages box. Thank you.

Nevertheless, our Modeling Community contest continues! So, do not hesitate to download the new beta and write us. Next time it can be you who will win!

We look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:


Vladka & TDM Team