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New Toad DB2 v6.1 Beta Program has begun

We are pleased to announce that our Toad for DB2 v6.1 beta program has begun.
You can download the initial beta installer at our beta page:

Please review the list of enhancement and fixes in the beta release notes at:

And make sure to post any questions or feedback on this beta forum at:

If you need an msi installer you can get that at:


After install: Toad for DB2 Beta

And import settings from Toad for DB2 5.6 I get following error:

Error processing previous DB2 Catalog: Path of default DB2 client not found.
Please process manually before connecting to DB2 connections.

It’s a little unclear any help would be appreciated.


Toad v6.1 (and v6.0) require a default DB2 client to run. Per the message above it seems Toad did not find any default DB2 client that it can work with (v9.7.7 or above).

Please install or verify that you have a necessary DB2 default client installed.

As I write before I have 4 Toad’s installed.

v. 5.1., v. 5.6, v.6.0, v.6.1

5.1 and 5.6 works fine with a little bugs.

v. 6.0 and v. 6.1 cant connect to base (require a default DB2 client to run).

with v. 6.0 v. 6.1 its impossible to indicate default client because icon “Import a DB2 catalogue from another instance…” in Connections window is disabled.

Have I default client? Toad 5.1. and 5.6 works so I think - yes.

I don’t know anything about v9.7.7 any further information will by appreciated.

Any link to default client too.

Prior to v6 of Toad DB2, Toad shipped with a ‘special’ DB2 client. Those clients worked well with each specific release of Toad, however they could not be promoted to the default client on your machine. You will need to install a DB2 client or even DB2 Express-C (v9.7.6 or greater). You should be able to download those from:…/downloads.html

hmm, It’s really strange :frowning: With v5.6 I can “Import a DB2 catalogue…” from v.5.1 and in v.5.1 a can import from v. 5.6. But I can’t import v6.1 (or v. 6.0) from both 5.1 and 5.6.

Toad installer is ~80MB and its need default client eg. DB2 Express ~650MB.

(its impossible to install with other reasons)

Maybe there is other light weight client?

You can also install the IBM Data Server Runtime Client (for Windows) if you wish.

Hooray! :smiley:

after install v9.7fp4_ntx64_rtcl_PL.exe it allow me to point other catalogue.

The strange is that is was one of Toad v.5.1 or v.5.6.

Why wasn’t it visible earlier ;?

Thanks for your help.

I am not sure what you me by ‘it allow me to point other catalogue’ but I am glad you got this working!