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New Toad for IBM DB2 Beta build available (


FYI. We’ve posted a new Toad for DB2 Beta build (v6.0.0.55). Please visit the Toad DB2 beta page to download the latest beta installer at:




I’ve downloaded v., but it keep crash when I tried to connect to an existing database…


Can you share some details of the crash?



Unable to find an entry point named ‘SQLFreeConnAttribsADONET’ in DLL ‘db2app.dll’.

Stack Trace:

at IBM.Data.DB2.UnsafeNativeMethods.DB232.SQLFreeConnAttribsADONET(DB2SQLGetConnAttribsADONETParams& pParam)

at IBM.Data.DB2.ConnSettingsFromXmlConfig.Dispose(Boolean disposing)

at IBM.Data.DB2.ConnSettingsFromXmlConfig.Finalize()