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New Toad for SAP Beta has been posted!

Hi all,

please download our new Toad for SAP Beta build

The following new features were implemented in this drop:

  • SAP HANA Data Compare is supported now
    • Editor Enhancements
    • Code Completion Enhancements
  • SAP ASE 16
    • Code Completion Enhancements
      Download here and see the release notes here.

Thank you!

Can you please provide updated link for the download? Current link does not work

Hi Hiro,

Download it here.


superb, thanks! much appreciated. Downloading now and will keep you posted. fingers crossed!

Only just started using it, but it feels liquid smooth and super quick! but best of all…it has solved my Object Browser issue!! :)))

I guess my main concern now is the “expiry date” :frowning: It says that the product will expire on the 2nd August ? What do I do then?

The version in your message above is, but the version in the original post mentions (but original post link doesn’t work). Will version have a higher expiry date ?

Great! Glad it works!

We had to restart our numbering sequence when we had an RTM build. 122 is the newest beta and there will admittedly be a short pause between the end of our last beta and our 3.0 release.

The current plan is to release our Toad for SAP Solutions 3.0 Suite on 06-Aug-2015.

Should you have any more queries you can write to me directly to my email address (in my user profile).

Thanks for feedback!