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New Toad for SAP Solutions videos


We have posted two new videos to the Toad for SAP Solutions media gallery. These videos show how to use two of the new features in our upcoming v3.1 release. V3.1 is currently in BETA so you can try them out for yourself!

The two new features highlighted in the videos are:

  • Visual Database Map - this new feature allows you to better understand the inter-dependencies of your database objects. And this goes far beyond a typical ER diagram showing the relationships between tables. You can now visualize the relationships between all your database objects - tables, indexes, views, stored procedures and functions, etc.
  • File Version Control - we’ve extended Toad’s capabilities with version control and team collaboration. Users can now store and share Toad files via a SVN repository. **NOTE: ** the video will say Toad for Data Point, but the feature works identically in Toad for SAP Solutions!
    Each video is short (~3 to 4 minutes long) so it won’t take a ton of your time to see what’s new in Toad. We’d love to get your feedback, too! You can post it here or as a comment to the video.