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New Toad for SQL Server beta build is now available


We have dropped beta build 133 today. Please visit Toad for SQL Server Community
( http://toadforsqlse beta.jspa ) to try it out.

What’s new in this drop:

We are pleased to announce that we started SQL Azure support implementation
in Toad for SQL Server! Create an account, configure the SQL Azure Firewall
and use Toad to connect to SQL Azure database exactly the same way you do it
for on-premise SQL Server. You'll see the same SQL Editor (yes, Code
Completion works in Azure databases too) and the same Object Explorer.
Export/Import, Group Execution, Query Builder and much more - all this
already works against SQL Azure in the current build. Of course, you'll see
that not all database objects are fully supported in the current drop yet
but I can assure you they are coming soon.
We're introducing Collaboration tools. Now you can view RSS and Twitter
feeds from within Toad meaning you can read and post to Toad for SQL Server
Community right from within Toad.
New Debugger Trace functionality allows you to generate a trace on a piece
of code executed through a debugger, which can then later be replayed to
investigate what actually happened during the execution.
Code Completion improvements.
And more - please refer to the Beta Release Notes for details on this drop:
http://www.toadsoft .com/toadsqlserv er/ReleaseNotes/ Beta/ToadSqlServ

Also, don’t forget to check the library we have created in our Community at
http://toadforsqlse kbcategory. jspa?categoryID= 500 . Check it right
now for detailed description of Debug Trace, Collaboration Tools and Code
Completion improvements.

And finally the last but not least. Everybody who is participating in current
beta program has a chance to win a brand new iPhone Touch. If you are not
already a member, join the Toad for SQL Server Beta discussion forum so that you
can report any bugs you discover and also to give the development team your
valuable feedback on the product. At the end of the Toad for SQL Server 5.0 Beta
cycle the development team will vote for the most valuable beta tester. The beta
tester that is recognized as providing the most useful and important
contribution to the beta cycle will win a new third generation Apple iPod Touch