NEw version of Quest SQL optimizer


how do i get the new version of sql optimizer.

I have Sql navigator

in which i can find sql optimizer 7.3.

i am using it but if i want to upgrade to 7.4 , in which version of sql navigator i shall find it or shall i have to buy a new copy of sql optimizer?

version 7.4 is not integrated into sql navigator ?


SQL Optimizer is also available in a standalone package. You can contact your Quest representative to ask for the latest release. As long as you have a valid SQL Navigator Xpert key, you would be able to activate SQL Optimizer.


Forgotten to mention, the latest release of SQL Optimizer is 7.5.0. A new patch 7.5.1 will be coming out next month.


You can download the latest version of Quest SQL Optimizer 7.5 from our tech support website if your maintenance is up to date.