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Newbie question


I am new here and I would like to participate to the beta test of SQLNav 6.
I downloaded the latest beta, but it asks me an authorization key when I run it.
Does it mean that the beta test is limited only to the actual customers of SQLNav?



Hi Paolo,

Welcome to our Community.

Daniel who is our Product Manager, and be the best person to assist you on this. You should hear back from Daniel shortly.

Best regards,


Hi, Paolo! Yes, the beta is restricted to customers, but there’s no reason you can’t try it out… Here’s a trial key that will give you access through February of 2007. Post back and let us know what you think!




Thanks Daniel,
I am going to start my beta test now.



Hello Daniel,
I would like to continue the Beta test, but my key expired.
May I have another short term key to use for the beta?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Paolo,

Please check your PM (Private Message). Thanks.




Bernard, thanks a lot.



Heh, i know your secret! :wink:


Well we have to look after our best beta users now don’t we Piter





don’t worry,
I am not allowed to use SQLNav for my job here, so I am doing this beta test entirely on my free time.



ehi, Paolo,
penso che tu non abbia capito bene cosa intendevo con la parola “segreto”. Intendevo che so come cambiare il tempo in cui il programma si spegne.
Poi, come mai conosci il polacco, hai qualcosa a che fare con il nostro paese?
Saluti Pietro!


I’m a current TOAD customer who prefers SQL Nav. I would like to try out the 6.0 Beta, so could you please provide me with an authorization key?



Hi Clay,

Welcome to SQL Navigator Community.
Can you please send me an email:, I will send the Trial key to you by email as soon as I got your confirmation of your email.

thanks and regards,


Hi Clay,

I have sent you a message with the Trial Key to your Community Private Message inbox.
Please refer the attached screen shot.



I too use Toad and would like to try out SQL Navigator. I would love to have a trial key to try this out.



Hi David,

Welcome to the Inside SQL Navigator Community.

We have sent you a trial key via email as per your request.

We look forward to have more feedback from you.

Best regards,


I’m new in here too… I’m a student still but in my part-time job i’m using SQL Navigator 5.5 and my thesis is based on Oracle. I would like to try out beta version at home (and maybe win an iPod ). I would be very pleased if you send me a trial key.

Best regards
Mariusz Grabowski


Hi Mariusz,

I’ve sent a trial license key to your personal e-mail address.
We look forward to hearing from you…
Good luck with trying to win an iPod… you have some tuff competition

  • Jaime -



Thank you very much ! I’ve received the key.
If i don’t win an iPod i will hopefully win a consolation prize :slight_smile:

have a nice day :slight_smile:

Mariusz Grabowski