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Newest version expired.



I have installed the newest version, and it said it’s expired … mm… how can we test the beta?


My version is working, and it’s expiration date is 30th January 2008. Which build did you install?


whatever that is linked on the beta download link. I cannot open the program because it is expired now.


Was it build that you installed ?

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Please see the post you replied to …



We are not so sure what causes the issue you reported. The current beta exes (build 844) will be expired by end Jan 2008. Below are the links of the current Beta:

Could you please advise the version of the file sqlnav6.exe on your system.

We are planning the send out the new build to you shortly with expired date of end Mar 2008.

May I ask if you are using a Trial key? if so the license key might be already expired. Please let us know and we would send you another key.

Thanks and regards,


Build: is what shows up on that exe file :slight_smile:

It never prompted me for a key at all. I do have version 5.5.4 installed with a registered user key (State of Alaska).


I installed the beta update to update my current beta. Setup copied over some files but never updated any exe files. As the version number is still the same after the update.

I’m now in the process of uninstalling the beta, and trying a full install of the link above.


Sorry for all the posts, I wanted to keep you guys updated. The full uninstall of the old beta, and reinstall of the new beta worked out perfectly. The update setup didnt update :(, just an FYI.


Great :-). Thanks for sending the update Shannara.

The update installer works fine with our testing though…We will looking into the upgrade installer to make sure that the .exe will always overwrite the existing copy.

Thanks again.