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Next Build Soon?


Hi all,

I’m looking forward to trying the Beta, but before downloading and trying it out, I’m wondering if there will be another build coming soon?

Since SQL Nav seems to lose all your preferences and project information (at least in 5.5.1) I don’t want to get it set up and then have to redo it in a day or two.



hi Jet,

You can get our build release schedules from the Community Events linkon the left hand side navigation Community Home: The nextbuild will be available next week.

You can install the current Beta build as the preferences will not be lost when you upgrade the next Beta Build.

The first time you run the new release, you should get the prompt giving you an option to migrate your preferences (as Side by Side support has been added to SQL Nav for a while).

Regarding your preference settings and projects info in 5.5.1, you can use your Profile Manager utility (Backup/Restore) which can be found under Start->All Programs->Quest Software->SQL Navigatorxx.

Please let us know if you would need any further assistance or info.

Thanks from all of us for working with our Dev team on SQL Navigator.

Best regards,


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for pointing out the calendar. That is very helpful.

As for the preferences, I hope 6 is better than 5.5. I just upgraded to 5.5.1 and I lost all my toolbar settings and all my projects.

I shouldn’t have to export and reload to get those things when I upgrade. IMHO, at the very least the product should prompt me and do the work if I say OK. Same goes for my formatting preferences.

It is extremely annoying to have to redo everything if you don’t remember to save everything before upgrading. The fact is that I have often put off upgrades because I’ve lost too many settings over the years.

Does 6.0 do this better?

Thanks for listening!


Hi Jet,

Thanks for getting back on the issue.

We might have overlooked it in 5.5.1…

We will certainly address this for you in 6.0.

I will ask the team investigate to see if there is an option to restore your settings. We will get in touch with you soon.



Hi Jet,

In the meantime, there are some steps that you can consider performing to restore your old 5.5 settings (if you have not already done so by hand):

  1. Close all instances of NAV (if currently running)

  2. In your registry, locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 5.5.1 key. Rename the key name to something else (eg. “SQL Navigator 5.5.1” to “_SQL Navigator 5.5.1”)

  3. Locate the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 5.5.0. Rename the key name to “SQL Navigator 5.5.1”

  4. Launch Nav 5.5.1. When you’re prompted that there are new menu items and toolbars, select the second option to retain your old settings.

In regards to your formatting preferences, did you install Nav 5.5.1 into a separate folder from your Nav 5.5 ? If so, you can run FmtOptions.exe in your Nav 5.5.1 program folder and see which fmtOptions.opt file (which stores the formatting preferences) it is currently using. If you wish, you can do a “File Open” and select the fmtOptions.opt file in your old 5.5 folder (or you can copy the file from your old folder into your 5.5.1 folder (or whatever folder you wish) first and then selecting that file in FmtOptions.exe)

Hope these steps will be of some help to you.




Hi Bernard,

Well, that seems to restore my menu bars. Thanks.

It looks like I installed into the same directory (the default). Does
that mean my formatting options were over written or would they be retained?




Hi Joe,

Good to hear that you got your old menu bars back.

In regards to the formatting options, your old option file should have
been retained because the NAV installer does not actually install a
default option file.




Hi Joe,

Would you be able to verify something for me ? After you upgraded to Nav 5.5.1, did the fmtOptions.opt file still exist in your Nav program folder or was it missing ? Thanks.




I believe that it is still in the directory. Looks like the date on
the file is prior to my update.



Hi Joe,

That’s great. Thanks for letting us know, Joe.