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No Crud


The CRUD Matrix is no longer working.

When I have a query, package, etc. open, then click Edit -> Insert -> Crud Matrix, I get the following error popup:
Cannot create the CRUD Matrix: File not found



Hi Charlie,

Can you please check if the file ‘spnavdll.dll’ is in your application installation directory. A complete installation should put the file in the app installed folder.
We have checked it here and all installations put the file in the right folder. The only way we could get an error creating the CRUD is not having the dll file in app folder.

Did you have any issue during the last installation attempt please?

Thanks and regards,


I do have that file and it has the same date/timestamp as the other .dll files.
C:\Program Files\Quest Software\SQL Navigator for Oracle\spnavdll.dll
08/03/08 5:34pm

I have attached a screenshot of the error message.



Hi Charlie,

If you only have a simple query such as “select * from dual” in the code editor, can you insert the CRUD matrix? Does it only happen with this query or all the time?


I get the same error.


Good news guys. We managed to reproduce the problem in one of the machines here. It will be fixed shortly.