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No error when opening package of disconnected database



I connected to a DB yesterday, leaving SQLNav (and the DB Explorer pane) open.
This morning, the DB had closed the connection (in fact, the machine had been shut down during the night), but the first thing I did was doubleclicking a package body to open it for editing.

In the “Code Editor” pane, I only got the following (the 5 asterixes representing the package name):

END ******;

In the output window, the following was printed (2 asterixes: owner of the package):

9:22:30 PACKAGE “"."**" recreated
9:22:30 PACKAGE BODY "
”."****" not found
9:22:30 PACKAGE BODY "
"."******" not found

No other errors, though.


Hi Dominique,

You are right, the object loading routine doesn’t analyze the error when it’s unable to load the source, it simply assumes that the object doesn’t exist. This will be improved in future versions.