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No keyboard mapping report if internet access is blocked

In the Options window for Environment - Keyboard, you can click on the Report button to see a report of keyboard mappings:

It then displays the following message:

BETA keyboard mappings.png

However, this document only appears if internet access is allowed! If the Options window for Environment - Security has a checkmark for "Do not allow any internet access from Toad," then nothing displays in the Toad web browser window.

My workaround is to paste the following path into Internet Explorer (but to get this path I first had to turn on internet access to see the path in the Toad web browser): file:///C:/Users/MYUSERNAME/AppData/Roaming/Quest%20Software/Toad%20Data%20Point%20Beta%203.8/KeyboardHelp.html

The Toad web browser may not ever be able to display this report when internet access is blocked (even though this report is stored locally). But if the report cannot be displayed in this situation, it is misleading to display a dialog box stating that the report has been displayed, when it wasn't.

I created QAT-5917 on this